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Celebration is the town near Disney that Walt Disney World, so you’d think they’d know how to spell “Walt Disney World.”  They might, but they company they hired to build a fountain clearly didn’t and wrote “Wald Disney World” by accident.

It wasn’t until someone pointed it out that they realized there was an error. They quickly removed the area of cement that had the misspelling.

The Celebration Community Development District sent the following statement on Monday:

“As many of you know, the Celebration CDD hired a contractor to refurbish the fountain in downtown Celebration. The fountain contains guide markers to various locations and attractions, one of which is Walt Disney World. Unfortunately, “Walt” was misspelled and will have to be replaced. The contractor has taken full responsibility for making the correction. Some of the other guide markers also need to be realigned to point in the correct direction, and that will also be done by the contractor.”

[source: Spectrum 13]