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Luke Combs’ new single, “Beer Never Broke My Heart,” gives fans a lot of questions as to what beer actually has done over the years to Luke and he takes some time to answer them in this brand new video from his record label.

Luke explains in the video, “In honor of my latest single ‘Beer Never Broke My Heart’ we’re gonna play a little game called ‘Beer Never’ where rapid-fire questions are thrown at me and we’ll see how good or bad beer has been to me.”

Beer Never…Made a Bad Decision? Luke: “Oh geez that’s tough, I don’t know if beer has made me make a specific bad decision that I can recall, but I’m sure there are hundreds of answers to that question that I can’t put my finger on (laughs).”

Beer Never… Made Me Dail That Last Number? Luke: “No I don’t think beer ever did make me dial that last number. I’m not much of a drunk dialer. Thank goodness but I do have friends that are.”

Although Combs explains that friends from High School and such do drunk dial him often to prove to a girl at a bar that he knows him and Luke refuses to answer. He says he doesn’t like to encourage this.

Luke Comes Answers Beer Questions

Uploaded by The Nashville Soundbite on 2019-05-21.

Combs promises more videos on the matter will come.

-Nancy Brooks