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According to Jon Pardi, his new single “Heartache Medication” is just what the title says it is: it’s a tune that helps to heal a broken heart.

Jon explains, “This title is kind of different, you know kind of about drinkin’, getting to feel better, kinda lost somebody, it’s time to move on, but you’re not sad. You’re happy. It’s feel good, kind of like medication that you need.”

Pardi continues, “So, ‘Heartache Medication’ that’s kind of the way we wrote it. I wrote it with Natalie Hemby and Barry Dean – great writers. It’s very upbeat and traditional, but it’s also relevant in a way that it picks you up when you’re feeling down, or if you’re feeling good, it makes you feel extra good, and who doesn’t like a good ol’ fiddle intro? So, I think it’s gonna be awesome, and I hope y’all dig it, and I’ll be singing it a lot.”

Hear the official audio for the song below.

-Nancy Brooks