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This chain serves up chicken and consists of “People Dedicated to Quality,” and while it is known nationally, it first started in Tampa. Any guesses?

Did you guess PDQ?

According to Fox 13, Bob Basham, a co-founder of Outback Steakhouse – which also started in the Tampa Bay area – and Nick Reader, the former chief financial officer of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, founded PDQ and opened its first location in Tampa in 2011. They were initially searching for something new, a place that served food fast and fresh.

A road trip guided them to Tenders, North Carolina, where they found their inspiration: made-from-scratch chicken tenders. And the rest was history.

The majority of the PDQ locations are in Florida, but there are PDQ restaurants as far east as Arizona and as far north as New York. There will soon be 65 locations in 11 states. Moving on up!

Bob Basham said the focus of PDQ was not just on the food, but also the people – the employees and the customers.

Now I’m craving some chicken, PDQ for dinner anyone?

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