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It’s the words we’ve been waiting to hear for almost 5 years!

Holy _____!!!!!

Sam Hunt is alive!  He made an appearance at Stagecoach over the weekend!   We have not seen or heard anything from him since July 2018!  I would know, I stalk him.

If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me…. ‘What’s up with Sam Hunt”  When is he coming out with new music?”…

His first and only album Montevallo was released October 27, 2014 – that’s almost 5 years ago!!!  We’ve all been waiting…and waiting!

Since then he’s released a song here and there, but nothing more.   Since he got married, he’s literally been MIA.

He sat down over the weekend and talked about music he’s been writing and that he will be heading into the studio to record music in July.  He said he gave himself 10 months to write some songs and he is in that 10th month now and plans on recording his songs in July and hopefully have a record.

Sounds like he has the songs written, but hasn’t put the music to them….but we are getting SOMEWHERE!!!!  Finally!

He also confirmed that he’s only doing 3 shows this year so he can focus on his album.  Next year he will do more shows..maybe even a tour.

Well… this is the BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!

Check out all the photos from Stagecoach below!  Damn he looks good!

You can listen to the interview HERE