Justin Moore’s brand new album Late Nights and Longnecks will be out on July 26th and Justin co-wrote every song on the album.

Moore credits his creativity and inspiration to getting off his tour bus and off the road to write in a place that he loves … the beach. He says, “My producer now, we would just pop down to Destin [in Florida], where Kate [his wife] and I now have a house, and rent a place for, you know, a week, and write songs every day.”

The laid back atmosphere made it easy to write. “You might get one song a day or you may wind up having a couple of beers and an idea comes out and you write it at midnight. We picked like four or five different weeks over our winter break, and it was really, really effective and a whole lot of fun. I think the writers enjoyed it, I know I did, and I think we were a lot more creative than we would have been just sitting on a tour bus.”

Not all of the songs had a laid back vibe though: Late Nights and Longnecks will feature Justin’s latest single “The Ones that Didn’t Make It Back Home.”

He posted about the song recently on Instagram, “I’m very excited to have the opportunity to perform my single, “The Ones That Didn’t Make It Back Home,” at such an important event honoring the men and women whom this song was meant to honor.”

-Nancy Brooks