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According to USA Today, gluten can be found in 32% of food that’s labeled “gluten-free.” The study suggests that gluten-free items are misleading at restaurants.

As for which items to be careful with, if you are avoiding gluten:

  • The worst offenders were pizza and pasta, with gluten found in 53.2% of pizza samples and 50.8% of the pasta tested.
  • The detection rate was higher at dinner, 34%, than at breakfast, 27.2%.
  • Restaurant foods labeled gluten-free, or GF, were less likely to test positive for gluten in the western part of the U.S. than in the Northeast.
  • Restaurants identified as fast-casual (no table service, higher quality food than traditional fast-food eateries) and casual (with table service) had lower detection rates than fast-food places.

[source: USA Today]