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Songwriting is so important to Florida Georgia Line that when Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard started their Tree Vibez publishing company, they invested in a tour bus to allow their songwriters to go out on the road with them and other artists to write songs.

Most of the guys’ new album Can’t Say I Ain’t Country was written on the bus.

Tyler Hubbard explains, “I think if you listen to this album and compare it to our previous three albums, the quality of the songs, it really does set itself apart. That is because we were able to write so much over the last two years. Having that bus on the road kind of joined our two worlds together. It wasn’t just touring on the weekends and just writing Monday through Wednesday in town. We could kind of do both. We could bring the writers out, let them get inspired by the live shows, let them get inspired by the fans and watch and see how the fans are connecting with what songs.”

The duo opened the ACM Awards on Sunday with a performance along with Artist of the Decade Jason Aldean.

-Nancy Brooks