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It’s that time of year again…. the frogs are out and you need to keep your dogs away from them.

A dog in Tampa has died after ingesting a Bufo Toad.

Brynn Kelly let her three dogs outside and she noticed one of her dogs named Otis, had not come back inside after a while.

Kelly went outside and saw her dog standing in the yard with a huge toad in his mouth. She immediately knew it was a Bufo toad.

Otis soon collapsed.

Kelly ran inside to grab a jug of water. By the time she returned, Otis was seizing and foaming at the mouth.

Ugh…. this scares me.

She tried to flush his mouth out with water, but soon Otis passed away in her lap.

She is warning other dog owners now.

Wildlife experts say Bufo toads are more active at night and after periods of heavy rains.

The toads secrete poison from glands on the back of their heads that are extremely toxic for dogs and cats.


I spray vinegar all over my yard and door ways….frogs hate it and it keeps them away….I’m gonna go home and spray more tonight….this scares me.