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Brett Eldredge took to his socials today to share one of the reasons he gets up in the morning.

He posted on Instagram, “MEANING AND PURPOSE…. Beyond music and making people smile, I’ve dug deep to try to find something extra special that motivates me to get up in the morning…I remember the first time I went to visit the kids at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital…I saw some sad things but at the same time, extremely happy and hopeful things…these kids don’t deserve to be sick and I knew from that day forward I wanted to make it my passion to help out in every way I can…I’m so proud to be standing alongside my wonderful family as the “Brett Eldredge Family Foundation,” growing another year of donations and handing this life sized, Happy Gilmore looking check to the wonderful doctors and medical staff to help do the incredible work they do…until the last kid is healthy and free, we are here for you.”

The check Eldredge presented to the hospital was for 100,000 dollars.

-Nancy Brooks