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They said the equipment they have shouldn’t be used for things like rescuing a cat on a pole!

This is ridiculous!

Maurice German works for Verizon and rescued a cat from atop a utility pole in Port Richmond last weekend.  He is now suspended for three weeks by Verizon.

The cat was stuck for 12 hours and someone asked if he could help, so he did.

No one was injured in the rescue, but now they are saying he put everyone in the vicinity in danger…huh?  how??

Verizon said this:

“The vehicles and equipment are not intended to be used in the area German operated.  We take no joy in this job action, However, we’re committed and responsible for keeping our employees and customers safe while working in a particular area.”

I would totally of helped that cat if I was able to.  He did the right thing in my eyes.  Look at that poor cat!!  Stuck on that pole for 12 hours??

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