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Yikes… did you see what’s swimming around the beaches near Tarpon Springs….probably feet away from you, your kids or dogs?

I’ve swam in the beaches near Tarpon Springs.  I bring my dog up there and swim at a bunch of the islands near there…but I don’t know if I want to go in the water anymore…. Did you see what’s swimming in the water.

Yes, of course I know there are stingrays…but I didn’t know they could be this big!  Yikes!

The scuba divers saw this about 8 miles off Tarpon Springs last weekend.  It was resting on the floor of the Gulf!  They said it was about 10-12 feet long!!!!

The underwater video was shot by Howard Cohn who was diving with Narcosis Scuba Center’s Shawn Campbell.


Shawn and the Giant Ray @ Narcosis Scuba Center #letsgodiving #Tarponsprings #Florida #PADI

Posted by Narcosis Scuba Center on Wednesday, March 20, 2019

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