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This was sooooo me about a month ago.  I had two snakes living under my pool cage. (They were just black racers)   I know this cuz one didn’t make it back under there after it got stuck….and the boyfriend was looking for his girlfriend the next day in the same spot…and i’m like….oh heck no you don’t!  They were gonna have baby snakes and Launa would have had snakes all over her yard….and we cannot have that.

I totally used some Snake repellent stuff and i haven’t seen the boyfriend since.   I think I went a little heavy on the stuff cuz my yard STUNK for like 3 days.   But I have no snakes.


Anyway – This didn’t happen in Florida.  Happened in Texas.  Some man found dozens of rattlesnakes living underneath his home.  It started when the man’s cable TV began to act up, and he crawled underneath his house to check the situation.  That’s when he discovered that the crawlspace was infested with the venomous reptiles.  He called Big Country Snake Removal, who posted a Facebook video of their efforts to remove more than 45 snakes from the home.

Rattlesnakes will often take shelter underneath homes during the winter and crawl out when the weather turns warm.  Texas sees about 1-2 fatal rattlesnake bites each year.


Okay, here it is..... 45 rattlesnakes. Our day started off with a quick removal in Woodson, Texas. After the Woodson removal, we headed back south to a house between Baird and Albany. Due to the high winds, their tv/cable was acting up, so a gentleman crawled under to see what was going on. He saw a “few” snakes and quickly crawled out.... The interesting thing here was they only see a few each year, their yard was very well kept and their house was nice and clean.... My point is, we run into this scenario often, and people don’t think it can happen to them. As I stated in the teaser video, rattlesnakes don’t care how nice your house is or what kind car you drive- they care simply about survival. We arrived around lunchtime and as soon as I crawled under I could immediately see that there was far more than a “few.” ????The video will take over from here... If you’d like an inspection/removal, need rattlesnake avoidance training for your dog, or are interested in snake-proof fencing, please let me know.

Posted by Big Country Snake Removal on Sunday, March 17, 2019


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