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You know those bricks at Magic Kingdom that are personalized with messages? They’re all going away. reports they were only promised to be left in place until 2011. With the changes coming to the entry to the Magic Kingdom, they’ll all eventually be removed. They say Disney is adding more bag screening areas, metal detectors and other security measures.

If you or someone in your family bought a brick, unfortunately you can’t have it but you can buy a “commemorative version” for $10 if you put your order in by August. says Disney officially stopped making the personalized bricks in 2000, but a few were sold after. Those who bought in were promised they’d be there for 10 years.

My Twitter pal @BayLakeTrust says two different types were sold. Until the year 2000, a traditional brick paver cost between $85 – $125. Larger gray ones went for $250.

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