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Parents…. its so simple…and probably something you should be doing anyway.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your kids would behave just a little better??

Well….according to a new study, there is ONE thing you can do to help that.  Consistently putting your children to bed at the same time each night can reduce bad behavior. 

The new study found kids without consistent bedtimes scored higher on things like unhappiness, fighting and being inconsiderate.

There is good news if you don’t have a regular sleep schedule for your child.  The negative effects of inconsistent “nighty-nights” can be reversed by starting a regular schedule ASAP.  Regular bedtimes have a positive effect on child self-esteem, weight and even math scores.

Toddlers should get 9-11 hours of sleep per night,  kids four and over should get 10-13 hours a night, so plan accordingly to give your child the best chance.

I remember when I was younger….my parents said lights out and it was lights out.    No iPads, phones or even headphones to listen to back then.  It was bedtime.  Period.  And it was like 8pm I think.  Super early.  Maybe that’s why I still go to bed at 8pm now….lol

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