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Every artist in country music has VIP meet-and-greet sessions before their shows with fans. Kane Brown, however, reserves his meet and greets for members of the Boys and Girls Clubs across America.

He shared in the YouTube video below, “I grew up rough as a child so what we do instead of doing VIP Meet and greets now is we open them up to the Boys and Girls Club and they are able to hang out with us and ask me questions. I share a special bond with these kids and I don’t even get to meet them till the day of the show and it’s amazing just to get to hang out with them.”

Brown even gets them into the show, he says, “We’re even gonna get them up on stage for the show.”

Live Forever Tour - VIPs

Kane Brown partnered with The Boys & Girls Club in each market on the Live Forever Tour to offer an exclusive VIP experience and meet and greet with local members. © 2019 Sony Music Entertainment

Kane plays shows in Florida and California in April. In May, he opens for Jason Aldean on his Ride All Night Tour.

-Nancy Brooks