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$495 million is up for grabs this weekend and people believe these unusual rituals may help you win it.

Some people are superstitious when it comes to playing the lottery. Whether you are or aren’t, this list is pretty interesting. Since the jackpot is so massive this weekend, at $495 million, we may just have to try a few of these out.

1. Wave a lottery ticket over a black cat

2. Do the same, but over a pregnant woman’s belly

3. Walk into the store where you buy your ticket starting with your left foot

5. Ask for your lotto ticket be given you by the clerk’s right hand.

6. Choose your numbers by adding up all numbers in your personal data: If your birthday is 4/25, for example, it would become 29

7. Carry a good-luck charm, like a horseshoe or rabbit’s foot, when you buy your ticket

8. Use numbers that came to you in a dream.

9. Use numbers you found in a fortune cookie.

10. Stick a large silver coin in your shoe when buying your ticket

[List from: Mercury News]