Gas Buddy’s research on the most aggressive drivers in America was featured in USA Today. They got their info from drivers who shared their habits in each city. Things like speeding and slamming on the brakes were the biggest factors.

3 Florida cities placed in the top 20, but do you agree with the order? I lived in California for 6 years and even though traffic is often terrible, east coast drivers are WAY more aggressive, darting in and out of lanes and cutting people off. Yet California has 3 cities in the Top 5. Californians are used to traffic, but they know lane changing just makes traffic worse so most there know to pick a lane and stay in it for the common good of all drivers.

As for us in Florida, they say Orlando has the most aggressive drivers. They came in 7th in the survey, while Miami placed 17th and Tampa/St Pete just makes the list at #19. I’d say our drivers are easily as aggressive as Orlando’s, but Miami and Fort Lauderdale is always far worse in my experiences driving down there.

1. Los Angeles
2. Philadelphia
3. Sacramento, Calif.
4. Atlanta
5. San Francisco
6. San Diego
7. Orlando, Fla.
8. Detroit
9. Austin, Texas
10. Las Vegas
11. Charlotte
12. Pittsburgh
13. Phoenix
14. Boston
15. Dallas-Fort Worth
16. Chicago
17. Miami-Fort Lauderdale
18. Baltimore
19. Tampa-St. Petersburg
20. Washington, D.C.

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