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Oh boy….Right After Alex Rodriguez and J-Lo announced their engagement, Jose Canseco rained in on their parade by accusing A-Rod of cheating on J-Lo.

Man… hate to see this in the news…. but why would Jose Canseco start saying this if it wasn’t true?

Jose is telling everyone that A-Rod is cheating on J-Lo with his ex-wife Jessica.

Canseco is standing behind his accusations against A-Rod and is willing to fight to defend J-Lo’s honor when he tweeted, “Alex Rodriguez I challenge you to a boxing match or an MMA match anytime you want.”

Wait…what?  a boxing match?  that is so childish…well, now I’m not so sure this is true.

A-Rod has yet to comment on Canseco’s comments that came out of left field.

Either way…this sucks for JLo.  Wonder is she will keep the enormous engagement ring she got!  (It’s worth like $1million)

They seem sooo happy with each other…and their kids have blended nicely.  I hope this isn’t true.

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