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Dustin Lynch has released his three song Ridin’ Roads EP today. The “Ridin’ Roads” single premiered on yesterday.

Dustin shares, “We have a lot more colors to paint with than we did on the first album. I don’t think there are any more genre walls. It’s all about the lyric and the message, and we let the song steer us. If we dig it, we’ll take a chance.”

As for the new single, he told Billboard, “It’s a song that makes so much sense for me. Writing with intention of what you know. [‘Ridin’ Roads’ is] right down the lane of what this ‘Small Town Boy’ character says and does. This song fits that guy.I have a picture of that guy. I know exactly what he looks like. I know the truck he drives. I know what’s sitting in his console right now and in his cup holder,” he says. “I don’t specifically know that dude, but I have a picture of that guy because I know a lot of them in middle Tennessee. I’m now getting to tour all over the place and I realize that those guys — the small town boys — are all over the world.”

Dustin Lynch - Ridin' Roads (Official Audio)

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He adds, “I love the message of the song. It goes back to ‘Small Town Boy’ and reminds me of that guy in Tullahoma, Tennessee, that I was and still wish I was to an extent — being able to go back home and enjoy country roads and ride around with friends.”

A full fourth album of songs from Lynch is expected later this year.

-Nancy Brooks