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March 9, 2019 Update:
After some more looking and asking around, it appears that NO Florida McDonald’s restaurants have Shamrock Shakes this year. McDonald’s locations in other parts of the country DO have them. A caller into my show this week who said she works for the Golden Arches says they probably weren’t popular enough here in the southeast.

If you download the McD’s app, there is a Shamrock Shake locator. You put in your zip code and it finds the closest McDonald’s that has them. Sadly for us here in Tampa, it’ll require a really long road trip. One QYK listener told me the closest he could find one is in Nashville!

Original post from March 7:

I noticed it last week. But I really noticed it this week. I’ve seen a bunch of my friends on social media ask “Where are the Shamrock Shakes?” Seems not all Tampa Bay locations have them. In fact, I don’t think I’ve seen any. Anyone have the inside knowledge on this? Are Florida McDonald’s restaurants not making them this year? Tweet @WQYKGeno or leave a message on my Facebook.

I don’t know if it’d taste as good, BUT here’s one way to get your green on… make your own! Or many are saying to try the mint shake at Arby’s… but it’s just not the same!

… and my favorite tweet… to the MAYOR!

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