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It’s all about control and comfort these days.

There is one new fashion trend that is making a comeback that some women are  excited about….and that’s the return of the granny panty.

I have to laugh because I have a friend of mine that buys her underwear which is “granny panty’ type at Sams Club and every time I go in there, I walk by the underwear (that’s sold in the box of 4 pairs) and text her a picture of them….and now I read this article about the comeback.

The granny panty is a term used for underwear that provides full coverage, like a brief, high waisted brief or boyshorts. Thongs have long been the fashion standard when it came to women’s undergarments, thanks to the fact that they’re cute and sexy and they help to prevent panty lines under your clothes, however, not very comfortable.

Seems like women are more likely to wear cute then comfortable.  Even companies like Victoria’s Secret is offering hip-hugger style panties as well as many creating no-show briefs to avoid the dreaded panty line.

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