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In her YouTube series “What The Ell?,” Lindsay Ell shares the story of her going in for surgery last week just before jetting off to Europe for a series of shows.

She says in the video, which she recorded before the surgery, “So a couple of weeks ago I went to the doctor for a checkup. As you guys know I’m a real health nut I try to work out and I try to eat healthy and I try to take care of my body. During this checkup, the doctor saw something that looked a little weird, so I go to the doctor for this other test and they wanted to biopsy something at the doctor the next day. They said, ‘Lindsay, you don’t have cancer but you have pre-cancer cells in your body and you need to have them removed.'”

Ell then went to a video of her mother and friend and herself sitting in the hospital waiting room sharing hopeful thoughts, then in the hospital bed and a few hours after the surgery was done. She told fans, “I made this blog purely to encourage you guys to go to the doctor even if your body feels fine and you think you are healthy, you never know what’s really going on. You honestly never know.”

-Nancy Brooks