American Idol is back on ABC Action News here in Tampa Bay. The first episodes air this week, but as you probably know, the footage you are watching now was shot quite some time ago. In fact, this year’s Top 14 has already been selected, according to Want to know if the contestant you like made it? If not, STOP HERE… because if you scroll down, you’ll find out!

These are the contestants they’re saying have made it top American Idol’s Top 14 this year. They are in alphabetical order.

Alejandro Aranda
Laci Booth
Walker Burroughs
Evelyn Cormier
Wade Cota
Dimitrius Graham
Jeremiah Harmon
Ashley Hess
Laine Hardy
Eddie Island
Uché Ndubizu
Alyssa Raghunandan
Riley Thompson
Madison Van Denburg

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