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Last night’s Bachelor got super emotional and left us wondering if Colton will even end up proposing to anyone at the end of all of this?

Last night was arguably one of the best episodes of The Bachelor EVER! It was fantasy suites, which is always a highly anticipated part of the season. Well, mix in the fact that Colton’s a virgin and well, there was no denying that Bachelor Nation was anxiously awaiting what would happen.

Little did we know Colton would end up getting dumped!

The episode started with Colton and three ladies heading to Portugal. To get you caught up: Hannah G., Cassie and Tayshia were the three women that made it to fantasy suites week.

The first lady to get invited to the fantasy suite was Tayshia. It seemed like this may have been the night that Colton would lose his v-card.

Tayshia said she was ready to go all the way, but Colton just didn’t feel the same. They didn’t end up sealing the deal, but they did spend the night together.

Before Cassie met up with Colton, she got a surprise visit from her dad. She was completely shocked to see him. Almost as shocked as when Colton told her that her dad didn’t give his blessing during hometown visits to marry her.

After talking with her dad, it became clear to Cassie wasn’t in love with Colton in the way that she wanted to be. Cassie wanted the same type of love that her mom and dad share, but that wasn’t the case.

Cassie ended up DUMPING Colton. Colton was completely caught of guard. He tried saying everything he could to get her to stay, but she wasn’t having it.

Colton was so upset he was shaking and after saying goodbye to her, the pressure became too much and he took off running! He jumped the fence and the camera crews couldn’t keep up.

Producers woke up Chris Harrison and then he got in on the search for Colton. There was no shortage of f-bombs either.

When the episode ended, they were still looking for Colton and Hannah G. was most likely still waiting to go on her date…

Tonight is the “The Bachelor: Women Tell All” and you know there’s going to be no shortage of drama.

Most. dramatic. season. ever.

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