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"Live PD" Pasco Deputy Surprise Fans At A Wedding

Are you a fan of "Live PD" enough to invite one of the deputies to your wedding?

A New Port Richey couple got a surprise only a select few would be impressed with.

A New Port Richey couple had their party crashed by a couple of their favorite television celebrities:

Pasco County deputies

According to Bay News 9, The photographer put it out on Facebook and word got back to Pasco Co. Sheriff Chris Nocco, who gave the go ahead to one of his deputies. Word travels fast in the social media world. Live PD crews showed up along with Corporal Mike Barrow as the wedding party was outside the Banquet Hall in New Port Richey.

“I thought it was so awesome for him to take time out of his day, to make my night even more special," she said. "It was already a fairytale, but that just made it so much more special,” the couple said to Bay News Nine.

Hey, maybe the video will end on a future episode of "Live PD." I guess we will just have to wait and see...

(Source: Bay News 9)