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Jake Owen will release Greetings From…Jake Owen — his first album in three years — at the end of March.

Jake Owen at CRS in Nashville | Credit: Launa

Yeah!!!!!  I am so excited about this!  New Jake Owen music!

And it’s super good!!!  I was lucky and got to listen to a bunch of new songs when I was in Nashville a few weeks ago with Jake… I really like one of the songs called Damn.

The album is called Greetings From…Jake and he had this to say about it:    “it is a pure representation of who I am, where I’ve been, what I love and where I am going. It’s a fresh hello from a point in my career where I feel so comfortable and fulfilled.”

Jake has had a lot of life experiences since his last album, including a divorce, finding a new love and having another child….so he has had plenty of material.

The album releases on March 29th.

Greetings From Jake... new album out 3.29.19

Posted by Jake Owen on Thursday, February 28, 2019