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Ok… if this isn’t the cutest idea ever!

They are named….Jack and Diane.  They are two senior mixed-breed shelter dogs and they just got “married” at a Humane Society in Augusta, Maine.

The shelter’s volunteers are hoping their love story will find the two dogs a home together.

Jack is about 10 years old and Diane is about 7. They are a bonded pair who were found in a nearby cemetery a few months ago.  They stay together and act like “an old married couple” so they made it official and the dogs are no married…so they HAVE to stay together!

Check out the pics from their ceremony:   a red carpet, flower petals strewn on the floor and a “Just Married” sign for the K-9 couple.

Bet ya they played “Jack & Diane” at the wedding….

I do hope they find a good home.

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Jack & Diane, famously bonded couple of the year :) Adoption fee: SponsoredRestrictions: No other pets, no children under 13

Posted by Kennebec Valley Humane Society on Monday, February 25, 2019