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This officer not only went beyond the call of duty, but this officer risked his own life to save this pup.

Sgt. Travis Gray with the Town of Ogden Police Department in New York did not hesitate to save this dog that fell through the ice. The body cam captures Gray as he continues to push and encourage it to keep going.

It was a struggle but the dog was recovered and is now home with his owners, the Town of Ogden Police Department said in a statement.

“At great risk to himself, Sgt. Gray rescued the dog,” the police department added.

Bodycam shows rescue of dog

'HOLD ON BUDDY!' A New York state police officer proved he was a dog's best friend when he risked his life to save a pooch who had fallen through the ice. Way to go, officer!

Posted by 10News WTSP on Monday, February 25, 2019

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