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Someone is sitting on a winning ticket and has no idea.

Can you imagine….you’ve got the winning ticket and you just misplaced it or you just “forgot” to check the numbers?

Or… Maybe someone just hasn’t come forward yet.    If you won $1.5 billion dollars, would you come forward to claim the money?  Well… someone in South Carolina is taking their sweet time.

Back in October, a winning Mega Millions ticket worth $1.5 billion was sold at a KC Mart in Simpsonville, SC.  But four months later, the winner has yet to claim their prize.

If no one comes forward by April 19th, it won’t just be the winner who loses money – the store where it was bought would miss out on a $50,000 prize while the state would miss over $61 million in tax revenue.  Instead, the $1.5 billion would be redistributed among the 44 Mega Millions states.

$1.5 Billion….ugh.