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Unfortunately in the world we live in… when you marry a celebrity, your past is going to come out.

This guy has been the talk of the town now for weeks!  The video was shot 2017 on a boys only vacation in Ocean City, Maryland.  It’s being talked about because he’s got washboard abs and he’s got moves!  Good for you girl!  He’s a sexy guy!

Brendan is only 27 years old…and as a NYPD, he has been taken off patrol duty because of his new found fame and will now work at the Manhattan station house.  I am sure if any of you know a police officer, that’s not exactly where they want to be.  Stuck inside doing paperwork all day.  I’m sure after things cool off about him, he will be able to get back out on the streets.


You can watch the video of him dancing shirtless —>  HERE