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I think most of us are guilty of this!!

But my dog is sooooooo cute!!!  Who doesn’t love taking pics of their pets??  Of course we take more pictures of them then our spouses!

A new study from found that 65 percent of dog owners admitted to snapping more photos of their dog than their significant other.

The report, called The Truth About Dog People, surveyed thousands of dog owners and also found these interesting stats:

  • 54% of dog owners would consider ending a relationship if their dog didn’t like their partner
  • 24% of pet parents make up songs to sing to their dogs
  • 1 in 4 pet parents have brought their pet on a date
  • 47%  of those with a significant other find it harder to leave their dog for a week than their human partner
  • 56% of dog people say hello their dog first when they come home before greeting the rest of the family

Yup.  Guilty.  Guilty.  Guilty.

To read more about the study findings, visit

I took this one of  Louie a few days ago….

Launa’s dog Louie