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If you need gas, you might want to get it today!

They say that gas prices are going up today.   I guess due to oil and wholesale gasoline prices surging to their highest levels since November,  AAA said this will cause the price of gasoline to increase anywhere from 10-20 cents.

This is what AAA posted about the increase:  Prices rose after news that OPEC is making good on its promise to cut production and also because refineries are entering maintenance season….what’s that?   The time of year when refineries do ‘spring cleaning’ and to prepare for the switch to summer-blend gasoline. The process causes refineries to temporarily go off line, reducing the output of gasoline into the market.

Florida gas prices are averaging around $2.23 per gallon — a discount of 34 cents per gallon compared to this time last year.  The highest daily average price so far this year was $2.30 per gallon — set on January 31.

So there ya go…. just get ready to see the prices start going up!

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