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I don’t play scratch off tickets often. But if I did, the ones from TV get my attention. So I’d probably grab a $10 Wheel of Fortune ticket if I saw it in the machine. But that wouldn’t be smart. Apparently all 4 $2 million winners have already come forward.

Did you ever wonder if they pull the sales of tickets that have already paid out the big prizes? They don’t. Tickets are switched out periodically but not necessarily once winners have claimed the big prizes.

Channel 10 found stores all over Tampa Bay selling scratch offs where your odds are significantly lower because the big winners have already come forward. It’s something I never really thought of. But did you know there’s a website you can check BEFORE you buy? I didn’t. I never even thought to look. But the Florida State Lottery does let you know which prizes on a particular game are left online. Not all prizes claimed are listed. Just the big ones.

The link is:

Now you know.

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