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When the Grammys aired on Sunday on CBS, Lindsay Ell was all smiles.

She’s one of the best guitarists in contemporary country music, so it pleased Lindsay to no end to see all the women on stage at the Grammys, not only singing but playing guitar. She said, “There were so many incredible singers. I feel like the Grammys really celebrated women in music. It was such and amazing moment, of course seeing Kacey (Musgraves) win album if the year so many great parts of the show, I mean, Brandi Carlisle and the tribute To Dolly (Parton) and yeah watching H.E.R.”

She added, “I loved the Grammys this year, yeah there were girls playing guitars all of these amazing musicians and for the first time in a long time you were like, ‘Wow there are so many women on stage. And there were so many acts who had all females bands which was super cool. Alicia Keys hosting it and playing those two pianos at the same time. There were just so many moments where it showcased female artists in such a brilliant light, so I was a fan I loved it front to back.”

See Lindsay talk about the Grammys here:

Lindsay Ell On the Grammys

Uploaded by The Nashville Soundbite on 2019-02-15.

Ell plays the CRS New Faces show tonight in Nashville.

-Nancy Brooks