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Ah it’s tax time. But Ramon Blanchett from Tampa wasn’t too bummed out when he got a refund from the IRS of almost a MILLION DOLLARS! Guess how much he made last year? $18,497 according to the Tampa Bay Times.

So how does a guy that makes less than $20,000 get a tax refund of $980,000? He listed his withholdings at $1 million. I know there’s a pic of H&R Block at the top of this article. I’m pretty sure they didn’t do his taxes. Yeah that math doesn’t quite work out yet they still cut him the big check.

The Times says Ramon moved the money around different accounts and bought himself a nice Lexus RC350.

You know where this is going right? Yup. The red flags went up at the IRS. An agent took custody of the Lexus and the money left in his accounts.

Crazy thing is … Blanchett has NOT been charged with a crime! The Times say he was arrested on unrelated charges a couple years go.

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