Brett Young is a newlywed and is planning on doing something big for his new wife Taylor today.

But he does admit, “Valentine’s Day is gonna be hard for me from now on because I got engaged last Valentine’s Day. Not on the day of, two days later, because it fell on a Wednesday when we were playing the rodeo and that didn’t feel like the right day to do it. But our Valentine’s dinner was the night I proposed.”

Young believes romance is something you should think about all year round, but especially on Valentine’s Day. He says, “I think I like grand gestures, but I think you can get so caught up in grand gestures that you forget that you have to do things every day as well and so I probably fall somewhere in between. I think a holiday like that is important to do something bigger than your everyday or your monthly flower delivery.”

Even though Brett hadn’t proposed yet when he co-wrote his latest song, “Here Tonight,” he says now he thinks of the night he proposed when he thinks about the kind of night you don’t want to end that he sings about in that song.

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The couple were married in November 2018.

-Nancy Brooks