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Going to the Super Bowl wasn’t cheap. But the $3 slice of pepperoni pizza I ate at half time was a bargain. If Raymond James Stadium adopted Atlanta’s “fan friendly” pricing at Mercedes Benz Stadium, would it make you more likely to go to more events at Ray J?

In a great piece by CBS, the general sentiment was that we feel taken advantage of when we go to events at arenas and stadiums. $15 for a beer or $8 for a hot dog seems pretty crazy, but we’ve come to expect it when we have no choice. So when Atlanta built their new stadium and put the reasonable prices in place, it made big news. Sales are way up and fans are happier. Without getting into specifics, those who run the stadium said it’s helped their bottom line.

I’d imagine they have to make that profit up somehow, maybe in ticket fees or the base event price. Or maybe it’s volume that makes them money because they’re selling more food and drinks now.

I doubt this will ever happen in movie theaters. Concessions are the only way they can make money since the box office profits go to the studio not the theater. But what about Amalie Arena and Raymond James Stadium? Would you really be more likely to go to events if concession stand prices were lower or would it not make a difference?

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