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Well…well….well…. What do we have going on here?  Brad and Jen back together?

I don’t know why I’m obsessed with these two… but if you’re reading this blog, then you must be too!

I think we just love the two of them together.   Its like Brittany and Justin, they just go together and were so cute when they were together.

So… Happy Birthday to Jennifer Aniston. She turns 50 today!  50!  She looks like she’s 35!

The paparazzi was there and they said Brad “snaked around most of the paparazzi.  It was held at the Sunset Tower hotel on the Sunset Strip.   Photographers still managed to shoot him from behind as he entered the building.

Not only was Brad Pitt there… but Robert Downey Junior, Reese Witherspoon, Keith Richards, Gwyneth Paltrow and Katy Perry.    Dang!  now that’s a cool friend list!

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Awww…. remember these two!