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The 2019 Florida State Fair open and there are lots of new attractions to see this year… one in particular will gain a lot of attention.

One of the weirdest new additions is You3D , a booth creating small lifelike figures of you, your friends, or even your pets.

“We can scan people and turn them into statues,” says You3D’s Larry Balsamo. “Most people say they can’t believe this exists.”

You3D is a simple process that blends state-of-the-art 3D printing and photo technology. Prices start at $35. According to ABC Action News.

The first step is a cool 360-degree photo booth,  The booth uses 88 cameras and projectors to captures your 3D likeness.

At least the photo is free….

If you want your selfie statue, that takes money and time. It takes You3D about two weeks to make your mini-me. After it is created, the company will ship your figure to you through the mail. You do not get it the same day. I wonder if you can get it shipped to a family or friends. I’m sure my dad would enjoy a statue of me in his house.

The You3D booth is located in the fair’s Expo Hall. You might see me there.

Here is also a great thing to do at the fair, eat all the food:

More info and an example of the 3D mini statue HERE.