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Valentines Day doesn’t have to cost you a ton of money.  It’s all about putting “thought” into it.

Trust me, ask any girl….she would rather have something that was more special then expensive.  It’s called ROMANCE guys.  It doesn’t take much to put some thought into some plans.

Now… there are lots of couples who will spend tons of money on each other…and women who expect something shiny and expensive and to be wined and dined all night…and if you’ve got one of those…well.  This blog isn’t for you… you might as well head to Tiffany’s in the mall and max out your card.

For the rest of us…

Flowers, chocolates, date night, and dinner… your Valentine’s Day can add up, but thankfully there are a few places where you can score some freebies and discounts.

Food&Wine is keeping a good list until February 14th, making updates all the time…so keep checking back. Several restaurants have dinner deals for two, including California Pizza Kitchen, Romano’s Macaroni Grill, Olive Garden, and Hungry Howie’s.

If you have someone who loves sweets… about free sweets!!!   Pick up a heart-shaped cinnamon and sugar pretzel at Auntie Anne’s or grab free dessert from Firehouse Subs!

I also heard that Hooters has a deal that you bring in a pic of your ex…they will shred it AND give you an extra 10 wings with purchase.

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