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Polk County is looking to make changes after ranking at the top of a list no county wants to be on.

The county currently ranks first in the state and tenth in the nation for euthanizing animals. Whoa… First in the state of Florida and top ten list in the nation. That is a list you do not want to be apart of.

According to News Channel 8, Nearly half of the animals at Polk County Animal Control are euthanized.

The first major change will be a “save the kittens” initiative because kittens top the euthanasia list.

“We’re going to need about an additional $700,000 this year to make this happen, to take in an additional 4,000 animals, on top of the 4,000 we currently rescue every year,” Florida Executive Director Shelley Thayer said.

Thayer said they will also try to recruit more foster families to help, and team up with other rescues across the nation to take in animals. The agency will focus efforts on finding rescues to take in bully breeds and heartworm-positive dogs.  They will also work to educate the public on their low-cost and free spay and neutering programs.

This comes right after news from the state:

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