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A man from Lutz accused of breaking windshields on several cars because he was angry he couldn’t remember where he parked his own car.

I get it man, you couldn’t find your car. Tell me about it. I’ve forgotten where I’ve parked many times… especially in those big parking lots at the mall and shopping centers.

Deputies say 60-year-old Albert Megnath bent, broke and removed windshield wipers on several cars at the Northpointe Village Shopping Center in Lutz Saturday night. Removing the wipers also caused several windshields to crack, an arrest report says.

They say the guy admitted to damaging the cars because he was angry he couldn’t find his own car that was parked in the parking lot. What an excuse…

A total of six vehicles were reported damaged. Deputies say that’s in addition to about ten other vehicles “in which the owners did not wish to be victims in this case.” The total cost of damage is estimated to be about $1,000, according to the arrest report.

The arrest report also says Megnath was not supposed to be at the shopping center because he was given a trespass warning back in September for vandalizing the property. He wasn’t supposed to be there anyway..? Dude!

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