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Florida is short on teachers and apparently it’s because the applications aren’t getting look through..?

New to the job, Education Commissioner said the department is dealing with a massive halt in processing teacher applications.

Corcoran said the wait time for certificate processing is so bad that the number of issued certificates dropped by a whopping 55 percent from 70,166 in 2016 and 17 percent to 31,397 in 2017-18. According to WFTV 9 ABC.

Without a certificate, you can’t teach. And without certified applicants Florida’s teacher shortage will likely continue. Means less teaches more students in each class = overwhelmed teachers. I have some friends who are teachers and they said the General Knowledge Test is also one of the most difficult tests to pass. You need to pass to become a teacher in Florida.

Corcoran said his plan is to fix the issue within the next 120 days by hiring six new workers to help cut down on processing time. He said he also plans to revamp the department’s operating procedures and get in touch with local districts to streamline the hiring process.

This is a BIG problem and hopefully it’s fixed soon.. I bet parents are not very happy.