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Eric Church sat down onstage and took a 9-year-old girl’s hand to sing his most well-known song during a set.

Now this is a good way to start off the tour! I can’t imagine another way to bring attention to Church’s Double Down Tour and appeal to that younger audience.

The girl’s name is Hadley and her father, Brandon Burgdorf. The show was Hadley’s very first concert, and Church set a high bar.

“She’s on cloud nine,” Burgdorf shares. “Right afterwards, she was crying and she tells me they were tears of joy. Saturday morning we got up and she was still on cloud nine and this thing has just kind of blown up.”

They were in the fourth row on the floor, but people directly in front of them cleared space so Hadley could catch his eye. Finally, during the final song before the encore, it worked. According to Taste of Country.

“He just came right to her and she was just going crazy. He sat down and looked her right in the eye and sang to her for about 30 seconds and got up and moved on to another little girl down the way from us,” Burgdorf says. “It was really a neat experience.”

Church’s Double Down Tour has just begun. St. Louis was the second stop, with 17 more cities planned through June. The next tour dates are Feb. 1-2 in Boston, Mass. 19 cities on this tour. I’m sorry to report… none in Tampa. None in Florida…

Here is the cute video:

More info HERE.