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A potentially-deadly virus could be lurking at Fort De Soto Park, and your dog could be at risk.

I had no idea this was going on until my dad told me over the weekend.  I watch the news and am constantly reading online, so I’m surprised I missed this.  It’s why I’m blogging about it today because as I dog owner and someone who frequents Fort De Soto with my dog Louie,  a lot…this is something I need to know about.

The raccoons at Fort De Soto park are infected with Canine distemper.   The virus is easy to spread and potentially hard to treat.

My dog has his shots, but I’m not even going to take the chance.  Why would I?

They are saying until additional testing is done on more raccoons, puppies, older dogs, unvaccinated dogs and dogs with a weak immune system should not come to Fort De Soto Park.

Canine distemper can be very dangerous with a 50 percent mortality but can be treated, if caught early.

There are signs at the park warn about the Canine distemper virus.

Some dog owners don’t get their pets vaccinated and those results can be deadly.

Symptoms of Canine distemper include, sneezing, a cough, not eating, fever and goopy stuff coming from their eyes. If you see those signs, your dog needs to see a vet.

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I really home they get this problem fixed because it’s my favorite place to take my dogs swimming!  I love Fort De Soto!