Doing the good work they do, the City of Tampa wanted to help those who might have lost something in all the craziness of Gasparilla Saturday. Once you’ve got a few in ya, it’s easy to lose a phone, keys, or other personal valuables. They posted a Gasparilla Lost and Found phone number: 813-251-8844. However, Facebook’ers had a little fun with the post. Some of my favorite comments:

Steve Sharon: I lost my liver somewhere between Bay to Bay and Ashley.. It’s probably a little enlarged at this time but it would be well preserved. Did anyone turn it in?

Jason Newman: Some of you lost your self respect but don’t worry your friends and other people caught it on camera with their phones. Lol

Schmierre Schmenry: I lost my mind at Bayshore and Howard. If found, please preserve in formaldehyde and drain excess fireball from frontal lobe. Thanks.

Ray A. Wong: I lost my dignity at corner Howard and Bayshore. Please send personal message if found.

Leslie Lamplighter: I lost the contents of my stomach near platt street bridge

Did you lose something at Gasparilla? Call the Gasparilla Ticket office at (813) 251-8844 to see if anyone turned it in!

Posted by City of Tampa Government on Sunday, January 27, 2019

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