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A man from Sarasota thought it would be a smart idea to run from police but doing something he is just not good at…

Deputies were called to Burnt Branch Circle and Greystone Lane because of reported suspicious activity. When they arrived, they say they saw Richard Garay, 18, of Nokomis, entering a van.

As the deputies were talking to the guy, they say he ran and jumped into the closest lake. He to got to the middle of the lake, where he had trouble keeping his head above water, according to 10 News.

Deputies jumped into the lake and brought Garay to safety. They say Garay later admitted he is doesn’t know how to swim but went into the lake to not get arrested. Smart move… NOT!

Garay was caught anyway and charged with obstruction without violence and contempt of court for his outstanding warrants.

More info and video HERE.