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It was only a matter of time before some of the contestants started to turn on each other. Grab the popcorn, this week was full of drama.

It’s nothing new for one of The Bachelor contestants to feel the need to “reveal the truth” about another contestant to the bachelor. This season it happened pretty fast though. Pageant rivals Caelynn and Hannah B. both played the blame game and told Colton about their less than rosy past with one another.

As a viewer, even I was confused about which girl to believe. Was Caelynn really the mean girl that Hannah B. painted her out to be? It seemed Colton was just as confused and honestly, a little annoyed by the whole thing,

Hannah said, “I was just in a high-stress situation with her and it was like the most hostile environment I’ve ever been in.”

Elyse got the one-on-one date this weekend. In true Bachelor fashion, they flew in a helicopter to get there. Colton surprised Elyse with a bunch of kids from his charity, as the two played games at a fair.

This week’s group date was a more like a group workout. Actor Terry Crews and his wife Rebecca made a celebrity guest appearance. The woman showed off by flipping massive tires and pulling limos. Caitlin got sent home before the date was over.

Bri, Catherine and Nina were sent home during the rose ceremony.