The recent “Bird Box Challenge” has prompted the decision for safety concerns, especially challenges that put people’s lives in danger.

Well…you knew this was going to happen.  People just don’t think sometimes.  Its not ok to put on a blindfold and drive your car and videotape it.  (Hence, one recent Bird Box Challenge video showed).

YouTube implemented the change Tuesday.

The updated guidelines state YouTube won’t allow the uploading of videos that “can cause death and/or have caused death in some instances.”

One example is the Tide Pod Challenge, in which a person eats laundry detergent packets on camera…. I mean, really?

Another example is the fire challenge, which involves setting oneself on fire using a flammable liquid.

In addition to existing rules banning content that will “incite violence or encourage dangerous or illegal activities,” YouTube also said that it will also “prohibit challenges presenting a risk of serious danger or death, and pranks that make victims believe they’re in serious physical danger, or cause children to experience severe emotional distress.”

Read a lot more on this HERE

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